Month: March 2019

Female masturbation masturbation has what harm

Update date: 2019-02-07 | Editor: Xiaodu What harm does female masturbation masturbation have? The influence with healthy to body and mind masturbation has on sexual distinction showing difference, generally speaking, masturbate to be damaged to what there is the man moderately. But maid masturbates, although not frequent, cause the harm with different level possibly also. […]

Love fluid is secreted how to do less

Update date: 2019-02-13 | Editor: A Tao Is love fluid secreted how to do less? In sexual life, loving fluid is a kind of thing that conduces to the vagina lubricating, but is love fluid secreted how to do less? Some females, vaginal love fluid is secreted much, also secretion of some females vagina is […]

How is old people leucorrhoea treated more

Update date: 2019-03-15 | Editor: Xiaodu How is old people leucorrhoea treated more, normal woman can have secretion among the vagina, these secretion are leucorrhoea, and the senile woman decline because of ovarian function, the exudation of the estrogen inside body is measured greatly decrease, leucorrhoea excretive is so very few also A kind of […]

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