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Article introduction

Celery and spinach are commonner vegetable, these two kinds of vegetable can eat together, the problem that food photograph overcomes won’t produce between them, the prandial fiber of celery and spinach is exceedingly rich, in precautionary constipation, promote digestive respect to have very good effect. Celery has the certain effect that reduces blood pressure, and spinach pledges in compensatory iron elemental side effect is very good, we will read the content of this respect.

Can celery and spinach eat together

The introduction of celery

Celery country of origin is mediterranean coastal, the four seasons all can be supplied, celery is widely known is delicate feed capable person, it is treasure all over, bine, Xie Dou is OK edible. Celery sex is fond of Leng Liang, wet climate, belong to vegetable of half cold-resistant sex, not high temperature resistant. Celery cent cress and celery two kinds, the function is similar. Celery is called again ” celery ” , ” medical Qin ” , ” sweet Qin ” , ” Pu Qin ” etc, especially celery aroma is full-bodied, officinal value high friend also is called ” sweet Qin ” , ” medical Qin ” . Celery mouthfeel is crisp and goluptious, but with a variety of feeding material explodes fry, the celery in dish of the daily life of a family fries lily, celery to fry smoked bean curd, celery to fry dumpling of meat stuffing of shredded meat, celery to wait is Chinese common people lens goes out to lead particularly fast cooked food on table.

Can celery and spinach eat together

Take the note of celery

1, celery sex is cool slip character, the person of diarrhoea of taste Xu Han, defecate is unfavorable feed more.

2, celery has fall blood pressure action, so the person of blood pressure on the low side wants careful with.

3, unfavorable to the person of celery allergy edible. Celery becomes allergen likely also, if be allergic to celery word, the skin is caused with respect to the likelihood after edible red, regular diarrhoea, dyspeptic, have a headache, the hypersensitive shape such as guttural ache, asthma, so this kind of crowd also should avoid edible celery.

Can celery and spinach eat together

4, celery has the effect that reduces fine, the man inside family planning is so unfavorable excessive edible.

5, celery leaf also is eatable. A lot of people eat the rootstock of celery, dish leaf nutrition is actually rich, can fry with dish Xie Zunshang, Qing Dynasty etc.

Can pregnant woman eat celery

Pregnant woman can eat celery. Celery contains C of rich vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin and vitamin P, the mineral content such as calcic, iron, phosphor is much also, still have the part such as alcohol of protein, manna and food fiber in addition. Have smooth liver step-down, composed calm the nerves, diuresis detumescence, prevent cancer to fight cancer, raise hematic filling empty, Qing Dynasty to heat up detoxify to wait for effect, have very good health care effect to pregnant woman. Additionally celery contains iron element tall, enrich the blood to pregnancy female raise empty to have effect extremely, the symptom such as hypertension of constipation of pregnancy of OK still and effective precaution, pregnancy, pregnant hypertension. The place on put together is narrated, pregnant woman can have celery.

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