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Hot between the process that make, belong to heavy salt heavy oil generally speaking, that is to say salinity is more, fat content is higher, such hot if often eat, can cause fat problem, at the same time a few undesirable manufacturer are in make hot among the process, wholesome condition is poorer, still can add a few unidentified substance, this metropolis causes undesirable effect to health, we will read the content of this respect.

Hot add fertilizer

Hot add fertilizer

Hot (the name is hot piece, hemp is hot, hot pepper, skin of soya-bean milk, hemp hot) . Main raw material is flour, try all sorts of flavoring, pigment, the face product that the additive such as antiseptic makes.

Because hot the means that uses oily dip or deepfry machines treatment. Because use grease to undertake collocation, can increase hot mouthfeel, eat in great quantities so hot be meeting get fat.

There are a lot of nasty things in its process that make at the same time. Still can have many bacterium even, and that inside the raw material that still a lot of additive calculate him to make also is sordid, eat for a long time so hot can make not only person put on weight, cause various hidden trouble defect easily still.

Hot add fertilizer

Want to eat so that note these problems

“Hot ” also weigh bedding face muscle, element ox muscle to wait, with wheat flour or other cereal pink kind for main raw material, add the complementary makings with makings of salt, additive agent for food, sweet laborious and right amount other.

Hot add fertilizer

As a result of the part ” hot ” sampling observation result shows existence exceeds range, exceed set limit to to use antiseptic, pigment and bacterium colony gross to transcend the problem such as mark, last year, city feeds medical inspect bureau to the urban district 196 food manage 73 schools periphery door undertook checking, check goods to be violated not less compasses ” hot ” .

How to eat surely ” hot ” , citizen of proposal of staff member of supervisory management board of medicines and chemical reagents of food of power sea city is bought through normal channel ” hot ” , do not buy this kind of product in the faker that do not have card. When buying, the citizen should be examined pack complete, watch of requirement of the product birth date of the designation that pack, expiration period, reserve, burden, ” QS ” the content such as means of label, manufacturer name, the site of factory, connection is all ready if; has without grease acid defeats odour and oily be soiled oozy problem, do not buy.

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