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Article introduction

Moon cake is a kind of traditional food, in annual the Mid-autumn Festival everybody can eat moon cake, in such moment moon cake had been a kind of food not just, still including lucky message. As a result of the area different, moon cake makes method and moon cake stuffing have a few distinction when make, eight treasures moon cake contains 8 kinds of different material inside moon cake stuffing namely, eight treasures moon cake not only nutrition is rich, mouthfeel is more distinctive also.

Stuffing of eight treasures moon cake

Stuffing of eight treasures moon cake

Advocate makings: 300g of syrup 300g, low muscle flour, black sesame seed papers pink 50g of 200g of 5 pouch, earthnut, cashew, walnut (delicacy) 40g of filar 50g of 30g, Qing Gong, sesame seed, pumpkin child benevolence 30g,

Condiment: Salt right amount, blend oil Yuan Zhen candy is right amount, right amount.

The measure that make:

1.Unripe earthnut bakes ripe air cool. Syrup adds 1: The buck of 3 one spoon, add saline touch, divide evenly of agitate of plant oily 50g. Add flour and into soft dough. The material that makes stuffing has had, paste of pouch black sesame seed is about the same can stick all dried fruit the quantity that rise. Earthnut flay roll is broken, not too broken, take chunk. Paste of black sesame seed enters a basin in. Enter Qing Gong silk, cashew, walnutmeat, ripe sesame seed, south seed of melon seeds benevolence, sunflower benevolence.

Stuffing of eight treasures moon cake

2.Good roll groundnut pours many a little bit into the quantity, it is almost in front of the makings that goes in double (do not include black sesame seed to paper) . Add white sugar 3 spoon. Add vegetable oil 1: Water 1 mix round, water is not added too much the stuffing that does is drenched but some come loose. (The stuffing that adds much water to had been baked is too soft not delicious) become dough group the ball, stuffing expects the group becomes the double big ball of the face. Push face squash biscuit to enter stuffing makings, all processes one word is discharged. Wipe the one side that cloth of a few face is wanting to control beautiful standard, redundant lane is dropped. Bake dish of shop oilpaper, promote moon cake semifinished product directly dish on. Among the oven after the gush water, fluid that brush an egg enters warm-up cabinet bakes 12 minutes 170 degrees. (Tone position can be moved among, what go up by the side of oven always is to compare among ripe slow) the moon cake that has baked, place two days to answer oil again.

Eat the contraindication of moon cake

1, moon cake is unfavorable congee is suitable

A lot of people are in when edible moon cake, wish to be fed together with congee eat, can sweet not sweet, salty not salty, taste is distinctive. Actually otherwise, moon cake is made, congee is rapid elevatory blood sugar rise the food of candy index, be opposite not only diabetic person is unwell, adverse to cerebrum cell of the person, still can reduce adipose metabolization.

Stuffing of eight treasures moon cake

2, moon cake appropriate is little should not be much

Fat of moon cake oiliness, cane sugar is more, although low fat, low candy still puts flour Zhu Cheng to divide, excessive edible can produce satiny move, yi Zhiwei is full, abdominal distension, cause indigestion, anorexia, blood sugar is elevatory, quantity of heat is high. Old people, children is more unfavorable eat more, can cause bellyacke, diarrhoea otherwise or vomit, dyspeptic.

3, the person that body is heated up is unfavorable eat moon cake more

The person that heat slants inside body also cannot eat moon cake more, otherwise stodgy, let possibly still inside fire rises, appear the symptom such as dropsy of long blain blain, constipation, gum.

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