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Article introduction

Duck flesh is a kind of meat that we often eat kind, duck flesh tastes exceedingly nourishing, have the effect of lung of very good embellish of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood. The practice of the duck is more, can duck of make it braise in soy sauce, can join when becoming duck of braise in soy sauce other a few distribute food, e.g. potato, bamboo shoot, green pepper is waited a moment, the nutrient value that can make make food and mouthfeel more outstanding, we read the content of this respect below.

Duck of braise in soy sauce distributes what food delicious

Duck braise in soy sauce puts what food delicious

Advocate makings: Duck flesh 500g

Complementary makings: Golden orange is right amount

Condiment: Salt right amount, rock candy right amount, Jiang Kuo quantity, cooking wine right amount, hawkthorn (pink) right amount, shallot juice of right amount, braise in soy sauce vegetable oil is right amount, right amount

Duck of braise in soy sauce distributes what food delicious

The practice of duck of braise in soy sauce:

1. duck flesh cuts small, scald water.

2. scoops waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall.

Right amount oil is put in 3. boiler, put duck meat stir-fry before stewing to fry, fry moisture dry, still oil of one part duck forces come out, in a way of duck flesh surface is a bit anxious.

Abluent half-and-half cuts 4. Jin Jie stand-by.

5. puts rock candy to mix fry.

6. puts Jiang Pian to mix fry.

Juice of 7. right amount braise in soy sauce, cooking wine.

8. mixes fry chromatically.

9. puts Jin Jie.

10. in a way mixes fry.

11. puts powder of a few hawkthorn.

12. enters high-pressured boiler.

13. puts right amount water, put green written guarantee.

7-8 of 14. big baked wheaten cake turns after minute small fire, mix inside high-pressured boiler directly finally fry receive juice can.

15. is scattered on chopped green onion, put a few Jin Jie again can.

Duck of braise in soy sauce distributes what food delicious

The nutrient value of duck flesh

1, the fatty acid melting point that contains in duck flesh is lower, duck flesh enters hind of intestines and stomach to be absorbed very easily by the digestion of human body, the comparison of alimentation is so sufficient, the content of contains vitamin B and vitamin E pledges at other flesh relatively for want tower above a lot of, the person that often has duck flesh can have beriberi rarely, can prevent neuritis and a variety of inflammation, still can fight consenescence, rich nicotinic acid is contained in duck flesh, nicotinic acid is human body a kind enzymatic important make a part, this kind of enzymatic material can have very good protection effect to the patient such as heart disease.

2, duck blood is the material with a kind of very high volume that contain iron, it is used with be being absorbed inside the formal existence with iron of blood red element and human body.

3, microelement cobalt is contained in duck blood, cobaltic element can be mixed to anaemic disease malign and anaemic disease has effect of certain prevention and cure, duck blood is returned can clear bowel, poison of platoon of help intestines and stomach clears rubbish, duck blood still contains vitamin K, vitamin K has the effect of caky blood, the help is hemostatic have effect very much.

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