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The nutrition of pork liver itself is very rich, and nutrient value also is very tall, eating pork liver can prevent anaemia of the sex that be short of iron effectively, of pork liver having law and practice sort is rife, distinct practice effect also is different, explode frying pork liver is at ordinary times very homely a dish, explode if master bad word,fry pork liver, it is very easy the comparison that fries pork liver is old, does that explode how to fry pork liver to make gift tender?

Explode fry pork liver how to make gift tender

Fry pork liver how to be done ability is tender

1 pork liver should be not cut too thinly

Above all pork liver is not cut too thinly, need to be cut only 2 went so to 3 millimeter, fry the pork liver that come out so bouncier, mouthfeel is exceedingly good also, cuts too thinly pork liver meets what harden particularly easily after be heated.

2 pork liver must relapse immerse, full

Because there are a lot of bloods and mucus in pork liver, immerse adequately only after full, each blood between and mucus ability go getting rid of, such frying ripe later, ability will be fragile tender tastily.

Need of 3 pork liver shifts to an earlier date souse

Explode fry pork liver how to make gift tender

Souse pork liver action

1, go raw meat or fish (cooking wine, vinegar, green, Jiang Pian) ;

2, the tasty that carry delicacy (salt, unripe smoke, white sugar, gourmet powder) ;

3, mouthfeel slips tender (dry amylaceous size) ;

4, decrease to flavor in boiler, explode fried time (this bit of very crucial) .

4 oily quantities are compared stir-fry at ordinary times a little some more

The pork liver of the oar passes on, put the word with little oil to paper boiler easily.

5 whole journey conflagration

The best method that maintains the delicacy that feed capable person to spend shortens namely cooking time, high temperature can be in the shortest time little taste and water portion ” ” in the flesh, the truth with evaporate fish is same.

6 hurry up fry

What degree to get on for? 5 seconds give reciprocal boiler, had fried distribute food, again cook again 5 seconds, assure so tender that follow marriageable age ah ah!

Explode fry pork liver how to make gift tender

Explode fry the practice of pork liver

A makings: Unripe take 1 big spoon, cooking wine essence of 1 small spoon, salt, chicken, water is amylaceous 1 small spoon.

B makings: Vegetable oil, cooking wine is 1 big spoon, old pump essence of 1 small spoon, acetic 1/2 small spoon, salt, chicken, sesame oil 1 small spoon, water is amylaceous 1 big spoon.

1. rinses what one chunk pork liver relapses with clear water clean, use a knife next slice, the A material that prepares before rejoin mixes divide evenly souse is controlled 10 minutes.

2. cuts green ginger garlic end.

3. is ordinal join the B makings outside removing vegetable oil, tone becomes bowl juice.

4. cuts carrot and red any of several hot spice plants elephantine small hole piece, garlic sprouts Miao Xie is cut paragraph.

5. boiler enters oil, fry sweet garlic sprouts white.

6. joins pork liver conflagration to be fried quickly.

7. joins carrot and red any of several hot spice plants piece, garlic sprouts paragraph break up quickly fry.

8. breaks up into bowl juice finally fry a short while can

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