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The female is in menstruation is to need to control him food, if carelessly food, may cause menstrual delay, or duration is too long, cannot swing. Menstruation is puzzling a lot of people, if cannot dominate period in time, the life will be a lot of less fun, the schoolgirl likes snack, every schoolgirl imagines her daylong nest is in sofa, at the same time snack, see Han play at the same time. So, good in menstruation female snack?

   1, eat appropriately some nut

 Menstruation snack will be fat

Female inborn official holiday when it is OK that the proposal eats flesh of candied date or jujube of red jujube, donkey-hide gelatin, currant, peach to wait more the snacks of compensatory color, especially big to a few period for exsanguine female, should take a few advantage more at the food that enrich the blood. Also can eat the nut such as a bit cashew, almond, walnut appropriately additionally, give body complement a few energy, experience personally when classics of female forthcoming month after all become frail and faint.

2.Take tall fiber sock more

Period eats food of a few tall fiber, can conduce to estrogen eduction, add the magnesian content in blood, can adjust menstruation and composed nerve. If snacks of a few tall fiber is biscuit of fruit doing, oatmeal, whole wheat, complete wheat bread, can eat between two eat, these snacks ate to gain flesh not easily still. If feel to eat the snacks dull insipidity such as oatmeal, can take a few sick at heart sweet appetizing fruit is dry, for instance dale rebukes mango works.

3.Eat protein more snacks

 Menstruation snack will be fat

The female is in come official holiday when, the nutriment that can make body prediction of a person’s luck in a given year many and mineral, because need absorbs enough protein during this. Can take the sock with a few taller protein appropriately so, for instance dry, flesh does fish of jerk, sea, the small snacks such as soya bean, notice these snacks cannot eat hot, suggest the comparison that has former taste as far as possible is good, it is easy to take sock upset stomach.

4.Period shoulds not be eating sock

 Menstruation snack will be fat

Cheese kind snacks: Milk, have department, butter, yeasty breast, the food such as the egg can destroy magnesian absorption, cause dysmenorrhoea. Contain the beverage of coffeine: Can cause a breast to bilge painful, angst, irritable, the mood is flabby, use up the vitamin B inside body, destroy carbohydrate metabolism. Chocolate: Can cause a mood flabby, meeting get fat, can deplete vitamin B and put oneself in another’s position inside mineral. Tall natrium food: Leather egg, salted duck, red bowel, ham, jellied bean curd, smoked bean curd, the beans works, the earthnut that bake, pickle, the corn that bake, can cause a breast oedema and bilge painful.

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