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Article introduction

With scented tea of rose of edible rose make it, drink the effect that there was very good health care body at ordinary times, have more pretty good health care effect, when making rose tea, want to collect a rose above all, want a rose drying next, in stoving when it is more crucial, want to note the temperature of stoving. Want to notice the packing processing of later period additionally, we know the making method of dry rose scented tea below.

Do the making method of rose scented tea

The first: The rose is collected receive node

It is the rate that the flower adopts the flower when closing to open, general with flower coping just diffuse, diametical 0.5-1.5cm is optimal collect receive an opportunity. Right now, pick the rose that close after classics is dry, leaf won’t fall off, whole modelling doing a flower is complete, beautiful commodity sex is admirable. If be collected too late, flower is already wide-open, the nutrient part that flower place contains is less, pick the rose after closing in its the leaf in dry process can fall off in great quantities, with bud mixture treatment becomes dry bud, affect its commodity value badly thereby. Accordingly, when choose must serious. Had carried junior travel drying to prepare.

Do the making method of rose scented tea

The 2nd: Node of rose drying early days

The dry method of the rose is very much, commonly natural and dry, natural dry in the shade, quick-freeze does dry and heating installation drying to wait. Among them natural and dry with natural dry in the shade two kinds of methods, although can save cost, but if encounter weather of overcast and rainy, the rose becomes moldy easily, still have bring about crop to be not worth badly, the expiration period also is compared relatively short, general 2 give worm with respect to possible chairman to 3 months, wanting an account only is before a few drier exterior bug egg was not killed. Accordingly, natural and dry method is unfavorable use as the goods production that rose doing spends.

Dryer of hot pump rose can protect the active ingredient in the rose very well, it is the optimal method that produces high-grade rose to do a flower. Stoving law spends the application in production in rose doing most (microtherm is dry law) , have sirocco drying and greenhouse drying commonly, but these two kinds of drying compare cost relatively can, still have wholesome rate inferior, compare air can stoving does not have any advantages. However, no matter which are planted stoving, before stoving is machined, the member that machine a person needs to undertake alexipharmic the job above all, the demand has worn the hat that already disinfected, change good coverall, guaze mask and glove, next ability feed a machine is entered makings.

Do the making method of rose scented tea

The 3rd: Node of rose drying key

Crucial is rose flower wants statified place, every flower puts ply to must not exceed 10 centimeters, stoving temperature must not exceed 55 ℃ . Whole drying process must not flip through flower. The control of dry degree, become pink with holding Huadi with the hand can.

The 4th: Processing node is packed after rose drying

The dry flower after stoving loads airtight polybag instantly (food uses polypropylene polybag) in, and environment of asepsis of demand of the room that pack, each put a bag of desiccative and a bag of antioxidant inside bag. Next, remove the air inside polybag as far as possible, will avoid light is saved after polybag is sealed.

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