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Well-known, arrived summer when, weather is very torrid, airy humidity is higher also, so this seasonal food deteriorates very easily, some food are put to in the evening to be able to deteriorate in the morning, under photograph comparing, the water content of rice is lower, not allow to pledge changeably commonly so, the rice that buys can be saved for a long time normally, in summer, a lot of people can put rice in freezer to save, is this kind of way right?

Is summer big can rice put freezer?

Is summer big can rice put freezer?

Can, do not need time nevertheless too long.

Place the rice with longer time to give birth to bug the most easily in the summer, and rate of winter unripe bug is inferior. According to this kind of circumstance, the odd rice that deposits after hibernate, load clean pocket respectively, send freezer group by group in installment make its are experienced 24 hours inside freezer compartment ” torment of cold winter ‘” , if this handles the rice after, after the summer comes, give birth to bug not easily.

Prevent commissariat unripe bug becomes moldy

1, above all the grain that buys (rice, beans) , put in freezer freezer compartment, refrigerant 4 hours, freeze to death bug egg. Take one empty plastic can abluent air, will refrigerant good food (rice, beans) , coal tub outfit is inside dry plastic can, lid good lid makes winged insect must not be entered inside.

2, already verminous, put rice in freezer to freeze 24 hours first, freeze to death the bug in rice, the meeting after bug freezes to death becomes light, the dead rice bug when cleaning out rice can float rise, clean out easily clean, also can die rice mediumly bug sieve, winnow with a fan goes out.

Is summer big can rice put freezer?

3, put rice clean recipient inside, with one wine bottled 100-200 captures white spirit, in mouth embedded rice, opening face of rice of summary prep above, the window sealed, can prevent rice to give birth to bug, be sure to keep in mind container mouth to must be sealed severe.

4, some of calx is put in rice crock bottom (piece grey) or plant ash, plastic cloth is spread on, enter rice again. Perhaps put into valve of a few garlic in rice, can prevent to give birth to bug so.

5, will dry kelp is put into rice crock (the crock rises with brick mat lie between tide) , can kill bug and draw out mould. The method is 100 kilograms of rice put 1 kilogram of dry kelp about, mite of pink of 96 % above and moth can be killed after 7 days kind pest, absorb rice the moisture of 3 % . Kelp is basked in via short time air, can discharge a moisture that absorb, put into rice crock again at this moment, still can continue to use. This law is avirulent, harmless, beautiful money is scarce effect is fast, what this method also applies to other commissariat is insect-resistant. Kelp can prevent rice mildew. 1 kilogram of kelp are put in 100 kilograms of rice, can kill an injurious insect, restrain mould. But kelp every other is controlled 10 days in rice is being put again after wanting to be taken out. A kelp can be used more than times 20 repeatedly.

Is summer big can rice put freezer?

6, save a law without oxygen: The rice that will deposit first is put in air of ventilated place lay open to blow (the attention is unfavorable insolate falls in sunshine) fully dry, load rice permeability next lesser avirulent (food is used) inside plastic bag (appropriate is replete) , plunge into close bag mouth, put in shady and cool and dry place, such rice can be saved longer.

7, Chinese prickly ash is insect-resistant save a law: Chinese prickly ash is a kind of nature fights oxide, have special sweet smell, have drive bug effect. Specific means is will 20 put inside boiler to 30 Chinese prickly ash, add right amount water (with can drenched pocket flourishing rice advisable) a boiler of back end of fragrance of Chinese prickly ash is boiled to leave anger on buy ingle, in putting bag flourishing rice water of Chinese prickly ash drenched hind take out air, enter rice the pocket next inside. Wrap Chinese prickly ash of a few packet additionally with gauze, divide those who be put in rice bag to go up, medium, bottom, plunge into close bag mouth, put rice bag in shady and cool and ventilated place, can prevent rice to give birth to bug.

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