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Man egg is fond of an appellation that is spermary disease actually. The egg aches and calm the term that also is the popularity on the network, but does true egg ache can calm? Lay to everybody introduction below ache namely what does spermary disease have?

Spermary disease has the following kinds of classification:

  1 one, orchitis

Spermary strut, aching, calorific, accompany sometimesCold quiver. Suffer from on the patient of orchitis must be treated as early as possible, lest “ egg is fond of ” .

   2 2, spermary is depauperate

Because blood supplies an obstacle or embryonic period produces energy demand to turn round at spermary drops, can cause this disease. Concealed Gao, sex is babyish model reach haveHypophysis function dropsThe common cause that causes this disease also is when. Odd side spermary is depauperate person because sex of acting to side spermary countervail is proliferous but need not treat, and the patient of concealed Gao answers cure of operation of as soon as possible.

   3 3, spermary is proliferous

Spermary hyperplasia is to show spermary is normaller big, and its hardness and local dissect a relationship all normal, common be short of at a side spermary be like or depauperate when, sex of acting to side spermary countervail is proliferous. Do not need special processing commonly.

  4 different spermary

Spermary drops from inguinal canal when, the likelihood did not fall the normal position inside scrotum, and bring cause surprise spermary. Different spermary is very scarce, its clinical meaning and remedial principle are general as identical as concealed Gao. If diagnose,make clear, all should consider an operation to treat commonly, because androgen is treated,disable commonly. Adolescence makes spermary secure skill as early as possible before, all can make spermary function returns to normal normally.

  5 concealed Gao is ill

Below normal circumstance, fetal be in child the later period of the development inside the official, spermary falls namely inside scrotum. However, the mature that has 3% about produces male baby and the premature delivery male baby of 30% to produce concealed Gao (spermary did not fall) . TheseBabyMedium great majority, inside a few months after be born spermary can fall scrotal, but the male baby that has 0.8% about still did not fall in a year of spermary after be born scrotal, because this forms concealed Gao.

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