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   To enhance function power a lot of men are chased after energetically hold Western medicine in both hands, be like 10 thousand Ai Ke, actually Western medicine take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure, in promotionFunction forceThe respect should adopt the method of solid Ben Peiyuan. Ancestral traditional Chinese medical science just is best choice. Myriad of sort of medicinal material of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, promotionFunction forcethe category is very much also, but should pledge according to individual body and undertake choosing into filling demand. This kind of method that enhances function power requires suit the remedy to the case very complex, how to rise in the light of general crowdFunction force? Small today make up what should recommend to massage acupuncture point to enhance function power namely, almost all man can be used.
   Massage 4 big point, promote man property force
   1, kidney Yu acupuncture point
   Kidney Yu acupuncture point is located in human body waist, massage this acupuncture point to be able to be promoted hormonal secrete, improve kidney function, enhance function power thereby. Massage kidney Yu acupuncture point with both hands thumb, other 4 finger tangle to go up in the waist, press forcibly press 5 seconds, next slowly decompression, continue to press after 5 seconds pressure, massage 20 times repeatedly, ameliorable immunity system, alleviate insomnia, hypertension and lumbago.

   2, 3 shade fall acupuncture point
   3 shade hand in acupuncture point to be located in crus inside, can assist cure diseases of all sorts of department of gynaecology, perfective function. Specific means is to sit on bench, raise right leg, massage right leg with right hand thumb 3 shade fall acupuncture point, next slowly pressurization, massage 10 seconds, next slowly decompression and loosen, repeat 15 times conduce to prevent ovarian with uterine ageing, also alleviate at the same time the penisErect functional obstacle. The vagina is dry to cure gastritis is mixedSugar make waterDisease is helpful also.

   3, big conspicuous acupuncture point
   Big conspicuous point issues an abdomen at human body, be located in under navel 4/5. Massage acupuncture point of two side big conspicuous with both hands ring finger, forefinger, middle finger 30 seconds, can promote circulation of sexual organs blood, improve celiac and contractive force, increase sexual life delight, still can alleviateImpotent, urethritis, Premature ejaculationAndCystitis.

   4, humeral well acupuncture point
   Massage humeral ministry point with right hand forefinger, ring finger, middle finger, press forcibly press about 5 seconds, can improve sexual desire not only, still can alleviateEye exhaustionWith humeral joint all round phlogistic. If you want to increase sexual desire, you must raise temperature. When bathing, can massage. If your body is too cold, it can reduce the blood of chronic organ to flow, the body that cannot invite you feels happy.

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