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The maleSeminalGroovy examinationWhat is there? Judge male health To equipment pregnantMen and womenFor the gender, Seminal convention is checkedDispute often is necessary. Because was included in seminal conventionSpermatozoonwhether does quality amount to mark, decide what whether can succeed to be united in wedlock with ovum. Especially male of a few old barren, more should as early as possible go to a hospitalSeminal convention is checked, understand oneself physiology situation, had done nurse relevantly the job, have pregnant succeeds at an early date. So seminal normal how differentiate? This is adumbrative also a few respects of physiology health of the male, detailed introduction looks below.

The normal seminal fluid of regulation of place of basis World Health Organization is normative:

Seminal examination is seminal and groovy examination actually, the time that sees a doctor in the hospital often also is called seminal convention, it is male urological department or reproductive division can check, divide this beyond, what seminal examination of the male also can serve as department of gynaecology is important consulted parameter.

1, examine seminal quantity: Normal man, discharging essence of life to measure every time is about 2 to 6 milliliter, lowermost limit is 2ml, if after abstinency a week, measure less still at this, at this is abnormal.

2, examination color and diaphaneity: Moment of male firm ejaculation, seminal fluid is commonlyBreastWhite or of hoar. Cross seminal fluid a little while to begin liquefaction, show translucence ivory, the time with abstinency sexual love is longer, seminal color is deeper, it is flaxen even. If inside silk having blood, be about bring to sb’s attention, the reproductive system that is you likely has a problem, it is inflammation probably, common at seminal vesicle phlogistic orProstatitis, want to go to a hospital in time diagnosing cure.


3, stick consistency and liquefacient time seminally: After ejaculation is shot, the male is ropy, like presenting jelly position, ropy seminal fluid gets prostate liquefaction enzymatic liquefaction, begin liquefacient campaign. If exceed half the hour is not liquefacient, it is liquefacient time grows too.

4, seminal Ph value: To the male, seminal fluid is acid-base value is shown alkalescent, PH is probably in 7.2-8.0, and vaginal secretion is weak acidity, can follow to be mixed among them, let spermatozoon live time is long. If Ph is absent,range perhaps exceeds in this dimensions, spermatozoon motion vigor of the male and metabolization suffer very big effect newlier.

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