Truth of incident of Guan Zhilin golf is auspicious the future forfeits at this point – flying Hua Jiankang net

   Once part slow-witted bud does not break decency however ” 13 aunts ” be in a career to rise period, a lot of male star is numerous to her the mouth praises, she is Guan Zhilin. However, with youth beautiful beautiful give priority to her what hit to explode actually day giving Jing ” the Eight Diagrams ” : Guan Zhilin golfIncident. Guan Zhilin golfA lot of netizens that expose the age know event for certain, but do you know specific time fact? Guan Zhilin golfIncident has to her influence how old do you know! ?

   Beginning and end of incident of Guan Zhilin golf

   The event of beautiful jade golf that involve is according to legend of mouth of big members of a family only, but she was not denied. Allegedly Liu Yunxiong gave the Linsaigaoerfu that close the ball 1993, still filled in two! Allegedly a golf is 10 million yuan, so Guan Zhilin earned 20 million yuan late. Later, because cannot take golf, the Maria that can go to Hong Kong only hospital before dawn took it at 3 o’clock. Can see, what the life that accompanies wealthy person does not resemble imagining is so good.

   Face in those days black history, guan Zhilin cannot help responding to for the first time eventually: “I am not willing! ” this 6 simple words were spoken at that time all aching and helpless! Everybody thinks she is for money, the goddess in her memory is the plaything in rich hand only, but never had thought whether she has a choice at that time, whether does she want to do this truly. Of course, also the netizen feels Guan Zhilin also is a victim. They feel Guan Zhilin is very pitiful also, for her sad. I do not know how you think. After a few years, the beautiful jade that speaks of to close is filled in golf, stillPalpitation. When people asks about golf the match, guan Zhilin used 18 words to reply only. She says: “If do not have active advantageous position, I cannot defy others what to can do to me. I cannot defy others what to can do to me..
   Now, guan Zhilin of 55 years old is very attractive still, very lone. Small the affection view that although do not agree with Guan Shiyin,makes up, but there are a lot of marvellous spectacles on the world. Perhaps have same think of a way without a few people. I do not know your netizen, how do you feel to close annals forest?

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