The practice of fish of banger evaporate rice

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  • The practice of fish of banger evaporate rice, how is fish of banger evaporate rice done delicious

    Advocate makings: ? Child 150g of?89g, banger.

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       The practice of fish of banger evaporate rice:

    1. Rice fish clears away clean;

    2. Cut paragraph of;

    3. Put salt, cooking wine, pepper, green, ginger

    4. Put; of bright soy, souse

    5. Banger section;

    6. Put in the fish one case;

    7. Go up boiler evaporate;

    8. Evaporate 9 minutes, boiler; goes out after bell of the dichotomy that snap fire

    9. Adorn with greenery dish, go up desk can.

    10. Characteristic: Red green alternate with, delicacy is sweet wave, the flesh is qualitative delicate, delicate full.

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