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CauseSexual allergyelement? It is crucial that sexual allergy psychology guides live in us all round, major person is everyday, normal and healthy person, the existence physiology that has a few extremes likely also or the person of mentally abnormality. Sexual allergy, be serve as with unusual action satisfy oneself the idea of unusual sexual behavior. Sexual allergyexpression is diversiform, everybody should understand what element to cause this kind of behaviour, had done psychological guiding and precautionary measures. Detailed introduction looks below.

Cause the element of sexual allergy?

1, biology genetics element

The result that respect of heredity of content of old a future life studies makes clear, cerebrum and neurological in can not prove to any special chemical material and sexual abnormality are concerned, familial likelihood has patient of most sex allergy this kind of patient. Experts are dedicated to the problem of respect of gene of look for heredity.

2, psychological element

The gender often is put in the defect of character and morals of different level in the patient of psychogenic disorder. If force sexual character and morals- – inflexible and obstinate, call obdurate sex character and morals again. With respect to the thing follow rules docilely, cling outmodel conventions, understanding is saved, lack capacity of adapt oneself to changing circumstances, do the business that place of a few force cannot reach, the job is responsible too careful. These people happen simply force a gender symptom andAngst, depressed reaction.

3, children girl is inchoate what preference of special sexual interest, sex or sexual prejudice may become sexual allergy come on foundation. Have before disease move indrawnly, bashfully, less, dissocial, not good at come-and-go, disposition is tenderer reach the male to have the symptom such as female temperament, these come on abnormally with the gender have sure concern.

It is crucial that sexual allergy psychology guides:

No matter patient of abnormality of which kinds of sex, they admit these behavior are wrong can soberly, violate social morality criterion and law, but, because they can get huge pleasure from which, so have no way to back down. The pure expectation that relies on their ego change is very vague. The reason is they realise moral level only, level of pathology of and rather than, fail to get sexual psychology treat.

And adolescent sex abnormality still is belonged to come on early days, be cure is optimal with crucial period, once missed this one phase, will affect adolescent badly in every respect grow. At the moment, the parent should abandon old-fashioned concept, cooperate actively together with the child doctor cure, can cure sexual abnormality.

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