Green burns holothurian practice

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  • Green burns holothurian practice, is green burned holothurian how do?

    Advocate makings: Holothurian 300g, oily, white sugar, clear soup

    Condiment: Cooking wine, soy, salt


    1, hair of dry holothurian bubble, mine is fresh, need abluent can. Abdomen two cut open between the mouth, will splanchnic analyse goes out, especially both ends, easy accumulative silt, must abluent. Size cuts holothurian basis paragraph. Boiled water, put cooking wine, soy, will holothurian put, scald 2 minutes.

    2, bowl burns heat, put oil, put very light blue, scamper fizzles out to gold color, become green oil namely, teem, put a bowl inside. This can get a point more, eat at ordinary times grey also often give taste.

    3, bottom oil takes inside boiler, put white sugar to fry to Gong Zong color, put those who clean clean is holothurian paragraph, stir-fry before stewing is fried.

    4, enter clear soup, add touch of carry on wine, soy, salt, continue to burn.

    5, burn to soup juice only remnant 1/3.

    6, tick off Gorgon euryale into wet starch.

    7, the green with enter scamper good is oily. Mix is even, can give boiler!

       Network of cate of preserve one’s health is small stick person:

    1, dry holothurian bubble is sent (cold water immerses 12 hours, put thermos flask bubble 12 hours can, assure not to have oil, holothurian encounter oil to melt) , delicacy is holothurian and abluent, abdomen two cut open among the mouth, analyse goes splanchnic, wash clean both ends, both ends remains easily silt.

    2, green oil is OK much flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil, the fried dish is very spicy also.

    3, holothurian scald water is controlled 2 minutes can.

    4, stew to soup juice remnant 1/3, also want to consider holothurian phyletic ripe sodden level.

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