3 classical enter autumn the world of cate of _ of nourishing hairdressing syrup

3 classical enter autumn nourishing hairdressing syrup

2012-02-07 13:06:09

In various syrup, flavor fruit often enters food, your delicate syrup more see glow, beneficial to health. Discover not hard, value of many nutrition of vegetables and fruits are very high, be like the apricot of north and south, tendril-leaved fritillary bulb, Xue Er, union such as fig with other medicinal material, have nourishing effect more.

3 classical enter autumn nourishing hairdressing syrup

Heat feeds black polished glutinous rice of mango coco juice

Mango, flavour pleasant acidity is cool, contain acid of ketone of vitamin C, mango to wait, beneficial stomach, satisfy one’s thirst, stop vomit stops the curative effect such as dizzy, diuresis, with size even, full, color fizzles out white person nucleus of mango of the; that it is beautiful does a sluggish of can alexipharmic, disappear, relieve a cough.

Heat is fed warm especially stomach, beneficial enrages blood, the Qing Dynasty of mango is sweet goluptious clip is worn the sweet, black polished glutinous rice that can protect hematic warm stomach has full-bodied coconut tree together, smoke pliable but strong has degree, mouthfeel is admirable. Because mango flesh is wetter poisonous, water of mango nucleus dry Bao can be used first when boiling this syrup, black polished glutinous rice of the rejoin after be being scooped, wait for boil after rotting, just put mango meat, add coconut juice finally, such more healthy beneficial.

Green apple stews Lu Hui

Aloin has effect of United States colour, deserve to go up green apple is stewed make, moist Qing Dynasty is sweet, provide the benefit in filling again gas, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid the be good at stomach, curative effect that raises heat of Yan Yangsheng, clear liver, idle comes one handleless cup, embellish heart embellish lung. Show slightly as a result of aloe juice acrid, the friend that fears pain puts little place (2, 3 grams) .

Green apple, contain B of acid of carbohydrate, apple, citric acid, carotene, vitamin, C. Malic acid can stabilize blood sugar, vitamin C can prevent heart myositis. Green apple has filling heart profit gas, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty, be good at stomach and stop have diarrhoea effect. In addition, the apple has effect reducing weight, fat person eat an apple more appropriately, can reduce pair of other alimental intake, achieve result reducing weight.

Apple of boiled in clear soup of apricot of fig north and south

The belt in the flavour pleasant of fig is sweet, add malic sweet taste, sweet come already natural gentle. Fig has the effect of clear intestines and stomach, lung of Yi Kezi wet one’s whistle, in steam when drink a bowl, but aperient but disappear steam.

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