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Take fleshy view reducing weight no longer

2012-02-07 12:55:07

Cookbook of A spy Jin Si is the concept of a kind of food that domestic Robert Atkins proposes American dietetics, promote low carbohydrate food, be told simply even if feed rice less face, much eat the meat, common says ” eat the flesh to reduce weight ” . This cookbook suffers praise highly fully in the country such as the United States in recent years.

However, a newest investigation shows, scene of cookbook of A spy Jin Si no longer, the fall after a rise of upsurge of concept of this kind of food also makes relevant food industry is hit at the same time.

A newest investigation shows NPD of company of American market information, the American adult proportion that has low carbohydrate food and drink from this year Feburary 9.1% fell 4.9% November. In addition, be being investigated in the crowd, the person that has 1/4 once reduced the intake of carbohydrate conciously, but neither one person is strict according to cookbook of A spy Jin Si recommend a method to reduce carbohydrate to absorb.

“I feel was tired of “

Student of college of close Su Li wears husband · Qian Pulin is an example. A year ago, he and two the roommate’s weight add up have 400.5 kilograms, 3 people decide to use cookbook of A spy Jin Si to undertake reducing weight. Through holding to ” low carbohydrate, high protein is qualitative ” food, qian Pulin reduced 20.25 kilograms of weight, two roommates also decreased 22.5 kilograms to mix 27 kilograms respectively.

Although 3 people are right positive result reducing weight is very satisfactory, but to this summer, they basically hold to cookbook of A spy Jin Si no longer, 3 people weight begins to rebound again. Qian Pulin tells associated press the reporter says: “I feel was tired of. Have same thing everyday, very plodding. Very plodding..

Dietary industry is affected

The taste of consumer changed, relevant food industry is affected necessarily. Current, a lot of United States enterprises that with Atkins cookbook is manufacturing rudder are facing or loss, or change production manages politic awkward situation.

It is with MGP burden company exemple, the special protein of content of the carbohydrate in reducing food and starch are one of main products of this company. As the fall after a rise of upsurge of cookbook of A spy Jin Si, the sales volume of the product is affected badly related MGP company.

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