The world of cate of _ of conduce of chocolate of right amount edible reducing weight

Conduce of chocolate of right amount edible reduces weight

2012-02-07 12:57:42

CloseDay, in Spain arisen massage with chocolate. As we have learned, the therapeutics that chocolate massages can promote skin second birth, complement not only the nutrient composition of its prediction of a person’s luck in a given year, and still can make body and mind cheerful, maintain a humorous state of mind.

Say the magical effect of chocolate

Chocolate nutrition composition:

Protein, calcic, magnesium and vitamin B2;

The milk chocolate with a 40 heavy grams contains protein of about 3 grams, of the riboflavin that place of daily human body needs 15% , calcic 9% 7% with iron;

The chocolate that joins almond and earthnut also added the content of calcic, iron and riboflavin accordingly.

Chocolate is completely healthy archives

Right amount feed chocolate conduce to reduce weight

Consider to discover, be not all saturation adipose have same effect, mix as chocolate embezzle adipose for can of per cent drop, the person’s weight also can be reduced significantly. The person’s weight also can be reduced significantly.. Cate ChinaCate China

Strengthen protective tooth

Dentistry expert considers to make clear, chocolate but sluggish delay ” take off mineralization process ” — , a kind of activity that causes dental caries to form directly.

Can reduce cholesterol

The saturation that contains in chocolate contains many tristearin acid and palmitin acid in fatty acid. Tristearin acid has neuter effect to cholesterol, not elevatory also do not reduce cholesterol; And palmitin acid can be spent gently reduce cholesterol concentration.

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