The world of cate of _ of old law of grape beautiful skin

Old law of grape beautiful skin

2012-02-07 13:08:10

Grape can calls the hairdressing of fruit bound king. Its pulp, fruit juice is mixed nurturance divides kind of natural camp that there are a lot of beneficial skins inside seed. Above all, the fatty acid that grape seed contains a lot ofprovides softness to reach extremely to skin maintain wet function. Next, this part can say grape pulp to go up is origin of day of bestowing optimal active ingredient, because it included the water-solubility with indispensable metabolism vitaminic B group, candy cent, Potassium, calcic, phosphor, magnesium vitaminic reach mineral part, and a lot of minim part that make organic organization normal run. Actually grape most the nutrition of elite depends on outer handle of peel and every strings of grapy fruit, namely the part with much more phenolic maximum content. Via experimental proof, grape much phenol can be in all sorts of freedom base action of the play in chain-reacting, be caught effectively and reduce the formation of freedom radical.

7 petty gain good used grape beautiful skin is big law

Grape beautiful skin, besides eat, still have a lot of kinds of forms. Fall, be the season with mature grape. It is cheap to let us be carried out at once good used grape beautiful skin is big law.

Fluid of 1 grape face

the grape abluent flay, go nucleus, put into fruit juice machine to extract juice, collect juice in glass. Daily after washing a face early, late, besmear with this juice put on the skin is facial, besmear put on the skin 20, clear water is used after 30 minutes abluent. Skin of this fluid Ke Shuang, remedial acne, desalt fleck.

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