These food take the world of cate of _ of long lines

These food eat long lines

2012-02-07 13:14:18

The generation of furrow has a lot of reasons, among them one of it is food undeserved. If you take care entrance food more, maintain respect also ground of do one’s best undertakes, perhaps where day sleeps become aware rise, you can discover years is done not have actually so cruel.

These food eat long lines

The following small doohickey can help you prevent the generation of furrow:

When fry, an appearance should be added outside alimental, this appearance can wait by bits of flour, egg, sesame seed, caraway mix divide evenly and into.

When frying the flesh, should mix a next boiler such as green, caraway or leek, there can be green vegetables to lose oily boiler together when scamper fish, flesh inside, eat deepfry content appropriate to touch turnip mud, mashed garlic to eat together.

Have the thing of evaporate more, be like fish of evaporate egg, evaporate, have boiled thing more, eat the deepfry, decoct, food that bake less, fresh vegetable is eaten raw partly as far as possible, when eating grilled fish to want; of tie-in turnip mud, lettuce to eat roast meat, want to eat lettuce more.

What food makes us easy grow furrow?

Sauce of beef can, fish can, salad, coffee, refrigerant content of ball of too long food, dried scallop, dried doing, refrigerant shrimp, chocolate, cake, fastfood face, deepfry, it is the food that lets you easily grow furrow, often cannot eat or eat too much. When buying food, should notice to see production date, especially refrigerant the food that reachs deepfry, once expire to be able to deteriorate, have very big effect to the skin. Medical experts remind everybody, eat salt to be able to create high blood pressure not only more, the appearance that still can affect a person directly… the too much and easy long lines that salt eats.

These food eat long lines

Let cook method answer these food —

The flesh kind, if fish, shellfish throws the simmer in water in oil directly, fry, scamper, can destroy alimental nutrition. The most important is, do not use the oil that scamper crosses.

A few fruits, vegetable direct contact is facial skin

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