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How to eat ability to leave your ” sodden corners of the mouth “

2012-02-07 14:00:19

Autumn climate is dry, a lot of children can produce a lip weather-shack and ” sodden corners of the mouth ” (quarrel is phlogistic) circumstance.

Cause a lip the reason of weather-shack or sodden corners of the mouth basically is riboflavin (vitamin B2) absorbs inadequacy. What is riboflavin? It is a component of enzymatic system of human body metabolism. Riboflavin lack still can cause glossitis, conjunctivitis, keratitis, scrotum phlogistic wait for a disease with dermatitis of fat excessive sex. If be lacked for a long time, can affect cheeper intelligence growth even.

Once weather-shack or child occurrence lip is sodden after corners of the mouth, should take riboflavin therapy. Eat the food that contains a lot ofriboflavin more, for instance motility food. The riboflavin of animal liver is most rich (every 100 grams contain 2 ~ 4 milligram) , it is an egg next kind (every 100 milligram contain 0.3 ~ 0.4 milligram) , also contain in the food such as beef, spinach, three-colored amaranth, cole, potherb mustard, fennel, earthnut, soya bean, agaric quite quantitative riboflavin.

Additional, have chaffy dish less. Because the chemistry of the great majority vitamin such as riboflavin is very flabby,decide, affect and be destroyed what get all sorts of factors very easily, heat for instance, ultraviolet ray, alkaline etc. Chaffy dish is long boil eat food, all be destroyed major riboflavin.

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