The world of cate of new standard _ of diabetic dietotherapy

The new standard of diabetic dietotherapy

2012-02-07 14:04:52

Nutrient therapeutics is diabetic remedial foundation, so, must eat so that add up to manage science.

In quite long in the past time, dietotherapy is to press actually ” half hungry therapeutics ” of the operation, basically be limitative staple food. From the point of practice, limitative commissariat is too severe, must put turpentine fat, its are undesirable and sequential it is to accelerate capillary to damage, make the viscera pathological changes such as eye, heart, kidney, head appears ahead of schedule, shorten life.

According to a report of American diabetic committee, diabetic person compares those who be not diabetic person heart disease to come on 2 times more, gangrenous 5 times more, kidney function exhaustion is 17 times more, the person that lose the sight is 25 times more. Accordingly, must erupt simultaneously fat of control blood sugar, blood and blood-vessel of prevention and cure when formulate nutrition principle crucial point closes to have a consideration.

The new standard that medical home shows to agree with dietotherapy generally already should be reasonable control total heat energy, make total heat energy furnishs can be maintained or slightly under standard weight advisable. On the foundation of reasonable control total heat energy, reasonable allocation candy, adipose the scale with protein.

1, the 60% ~ that candy should take total heat energy 70% . What say here ” candy ” , it is to point to commissariat, be like can mix into some coarse food grain is better. Current, many patients still of old times of continue to use ” half hungry therapeutics ” , to staple food limitation fathers too, this kind of practice should be corrected.

Consider to make clear, reasonable raise staple food, can improve dextrose to be able to bear or endure not only quantity, and the need amount that does not increase insulin. Because, affect what the element with elevatory blood sugar basically depends on total heat energy to absorb, can furnish except carbohydrate outside dextrose, adipose with protein also but translate into dextrose.

The view is at present daily can eat food 400 grams of 300 ~ , fat person control is in 250 grams of 200 ~ , to using insulin person can relax appropriately.

The refined sugar such as honey, white sugar belongs to double saccharide, absorb easily in alvine path, should diet is advisable.

The fruit contains fructose more, bad to blood sugar control person careful take, before general proposal can be between two eat or night goes to sleep, try feed a few, measure random blood sugar again and decide.

2, should restrict adipose. Make adipose the 20% ~ that take total heat energy 25% , the ox that wants limitation to contain a lot ofsaturated fatty acid especially, sheep, lardy wait for animal sex with butter adipose, the coconut oil in vegetable oil, palm oil also contains more saturated fatty acid; Not saturated fatty acid is more in oil of sunflower seed oil, corn, olive oil, peanut oil, soya-bean oil, more appropriate to diabetic person, fish oil also is safe.

3, protein quantity criterion with normal person close, 15% what take total heat energy. Among them, animal protein should occupy 1/3.

4, indispensable vitamin. Of diabetic person easy lack is vitamin of B a group of things with common features, because diabetic person is easy intercurrent nerve is damaged; And the patient with illness bad control, glycogen surprise unripe action is vigorous, vitamin of B a group of things with common features consumes grow in quantity. The key is compensatory vitamin B1, B12, its food source is coarse food grain, dry legume, splanchnic, egg kind reach vegetable, vitamin B12 is contained in lacteal corrupt a lot of.

5, unfavorable drink. Although the metabolization of alcohol does not need insulin, can produce more heat energy however, 1 gram alcohol can supply heat energy 29 1000 joule, a day of place wants the diabetic person that is equivalent to a medium figure the 1/200 of energy, be like drink 50 grams are spirited wine, be equivalent to total caloric 1/7 one day roughly. From this knowable, although a few drinking,also can control total caloric strictly to needing the illness of diabetic person causes a trouble.

Be in in the diabetic great majority that senile period produces is 2 model diabetic, main harm is viscera is damaged. This kind ” high in syrup, low adipose food ” ameliorable candy is able to bear or endure quantity, rise to delay the benign action that viscera damages.

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