Pumpkin can raise the world of cate of male fecundity _

Pumpkin can raise male fecundity

2012-02-07 14:05:11

The man’s lifetime, always think method to caress his spermatozoon, a field ” bug bug guards battle ” also at this point start shooting. A few days ago, american scientist passes research discovery, often eat melon seed of pumpkin Xie Hena, conduce to improve male spermatozoon quality.

The expert points out, as a result of,this is south many zinc is contained in melon seeds. From Western medicine angle for, eat the food that contains zinc to abound to have profit to prostate not only more, still can increase spermatozoon amount; And from angle of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine for, the food that contains zinc to abound has the effect of filling kidney, conduce to raise male fecundity. Outside dividing melon seeds, the nut such as filbert, earthnut contains zinc to also be abounded quite, can improve spermatozoon quality greatly.

And the darling that should give birth to a health, not only it is the male, the female also should rise from the first day when enter Yo age, make sufficient nutrition reserve, and melon seeds also raises folic acid level just about ” clever medicine ” . Our country is famous dietetics home Li Ruifen thinks, eat a small sunflower everyday (about 30 or so) , big to improving folic acid to lack helpful.

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