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Pay attention to food to be able to prevent presbyopic

2012-02-07 14:18:15

Presbyopic because of,be aged hind crystalline lens (crystalline lens) sclerotic or the part is sclerotic, adjust to smooth feeling insufficient, the focus that causes the light cannot accurate gather on retina, and fall at the back of retina, the article that makes see close quarters and character can appear punch-drunk phenomenon. Average person can begin appear in 40 years old or so the Laohua of different level.

Pay attention to food to be able to prevent presbyopic

In recent years, presbyopic young the tide that turn is more apparent, the youth that often does not have needs to wear presbyopic glasses. This basically is excessive the be caused by that use an eye, concern with the job of people and life. Present most youth, the working hours of close quarters is long, ocular place is increasing also, for instance, go to work to cannot leave computer in the unit, if work, come home to work overtime even. Make much younger netizen, from morning till night is hanged on the net, breathing space majority also is to watch TV, read a book, cause eye strain excessive, presbyopic ahead of schedule ” report for duty ” .

Nutrition is adjusted is precaution and the best method that relieve presbyopic symptom, the person appears to senile metropolis presbyopic symptom. If from which year begin to notice dietary nutrition, OK conserve eye, prevent presbyopic symptom to appear prematurely. Dietary respect, with the eye more person is wanting to be photographed more at ordinary times eat the food that contains a lot ofvitamin A, B. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, deficit of the presbyopic water that fasten kidney, blood of essence of life is not worth and cause. The understanding of cure of integrated Chinese and Western, can feed more appropriately have some of food of bright eye effect black soya bean, black sesame seed, lean lean, fish, egg, milk, liver and spinach, carrot, pumpkin, walnut, longan, litchi.

Still can prevent with the medicinal food presbyopic, commonly used medicinal food has:

(One) mulberry candy

Take water of decoct of pound of 500 grams mulberry, go broken bits condenses, again with suffering of 500 grams white sugar, wait for the yellow since fluid and can unplug when filament, the marble flag that dump has sesame oil in besmear (or stainless steel board) go up, cut sugar, contain at any time take. This is right, kidney shade deficit person the most appropriate.

(2) gallinaceous liver a thick soup

Liver extraction chicken, abluent and mincing, increase meter of 250 grams, 20 grams of fabaceous Chi, boil together take. This square cross-eye flower looks matter not clear effective.

(3) congee of black sesame seed

Take black sesame seed 20 grams, rice 200 grams, honey is right amount. Will fry inside boiler of sesame seed exothermic first ripe, when adding rice water to boil to eight maturity again, put sesame seed, honey, mix succeed add boils divide evenly to rot to rice congee is become, everyday edible of morning and evening.

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