Eat food to prevent a the world of ill _ cate opportunely

Eat food to prevent eye disease opportunely

2012-02-07 14:23:27

The vitamin is the material with human body indispensible metabolism, via considering to discover, many eye ailments often are lacked with the vitamin closely related. Because the vitamin is in,synthetic quantity is not worth, reason absorbs necessary vitamin in time from inside diversification food, disease of ailment of certain to prevent and cure and be being reduced key point is very important.

What eye disease can devoid vitamin cause?

Vitamin A lack can cause disease of nyctalopia, dry small hole and corneal bate disease. Expression looks matter to be below darker light not clear, eye is dry, easy exhaustion. Because the scotopic vision of the physiology action of vitamin A lack and eye is concerned, it can make one kind inspect in the synthesis inside the eye amaranthine simple matter, inspect amaranthine it is normal to maintaining to pledge good eyesight is comfortable due and main effect, also as complete as the structure that keeps epithelial tissue and promote grow development is concerned. If complement in time liver of oil of yoke, milk, lean lean, spinach, tomato, carrot, Chinese cabbage, fish, oily liver, animal, can correct afore-mentioned symptoms.

1 lack of vitamin B is easy produce xerophthalmia, optic nerve phlogistic or ball backsight neuritis. Show an eye dry, eyesight drops, pupil comes loose big, unresponsive to light, eye is moved pull from time to tome pull deep of painful, orbit to have oppress and keenly feel. Because of vitamin B the metabolic process that the main physiology action of 1 is stimulative cell, special conduct a function to concern with nerval. Should complement in time contain a lot ofvitamin B the food of 1, be like liver of unpolished rice, flour, bean products, animal, earthnut, pumpkin child, bean sprouts, potato, almond, walnutmeat.

2 lack regular meeting brings about vitamin B optic nerve predestined relationship of phlogistic, eyelid phlogistic, conjunctivitis. Expression drops for eyesight, the eye is afraid of light, weep, conjunctiva hyperaemia. If often eat,contain vitamin B 2 rich food, reach a fruit to wait like seed of liver of yeasty, milk products, beef, animal, soya bean, spinach, three-colored amaranth, agaric, sunflower, conduce prevention and cure afore-mentioned eye disease happen.

Vitamin C lack can cause the place haemorrhage such as palpebral, anteroom, vitreous body, retina, still can bring about cataract to wait. Because the main effect of vitamin C is to maintain the qualitative formation between the cell, the oxidation that shares constituent cell is reductive other metabolization reacts inside reaction and body, have the effect of bate blood-vessel. Reason is lacked when vitamin C when, can bring about eye ministry afore-mentioned place bleed. If can seasonable complement contains a lot ofthe food of vitamin C, basically be to eat fresh greenery vegetable and fruit more, the haemorrhage that is helpful for preventing afore-mentioned eye place and systemic place. Because of vitamin C but of abate light and crystalline lens of aerobic cross-eye eyeball damage (come on with cataract about) , so, eat the food with vitamin rich C more, can defer the happening of cataract.

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