Appropriate of Great Cold food decreases the world of cate of the salty _ that add suffering

Appropriate of Great Cold food is decreased salty add suffering

2013-11-09 12:55:36

Appropriate of Great Cold food is decreased salty add suffering

The food of Great Cold season should abide by the winter food principle of the Qian Yang that keep secret. Dietary appropriate is decreased salty add suffering to be enraged in order to raise a heart, the food that suits a choice includes celery, asparagus lettuce, lettuce, bitter chrysanthemum to wait, these contain amino acid, vitamin, alkaloid, microelement to wait in acrid food, have the diminish inflammation that fight bacterium, life-giving wake head, eliminate function of a variety of medical treatment such as exhaustion, health care. In the meantime, avoid by all means sticks food of hard, raw or cold food, prevent to damage taste this world to enrage, but hot and dry content cannot surfeit, alimental tastes but proper a few thicker, the fat that should have certain amount kind, hold certain quantity of heat. In addition, still answer much edible is olive vegetable, wait like carrot, cole, spinach.

Nutrient expert clew says, great Cold season, weather severe cold, the metabolism of human body is decelerated accordingly, cutaneous is vasomotor, medicinal powder heat is little. Allocate in food on, add a few thick flavor even, like stew, boil fish, chaffy dish to wait. Meat of beef, hotpot, dog is alimentary internal organs of the body, increase nutrition, it is nourishing beautiful tastes winter. On dressing, can choose a few hot food, wait like chili, peppery, ginger, green, garlic, but cannot excessive.

Great Cold season is good into what fill time. Li Yanling says, have all the year round ” spring unripe, Xia Chang, autumn harvest, winter hides ” characteristic. Life at nature, should comply with the order of nature. Winter should pledge according to individual body right amount into fill, accord with the principle of preserve one’s health that the winter hides. But arrive in Great Cold in this paragraph of time of the Beginning of Spring, into fill should comply with nature, choice food notices beneficial enrages filling this world ” flesh and blood has feeling ” article, can enhance human body to resist chill and outside the ability of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease. In the meantime, no matter be to feed,fill or medicine fills, want drop off into the quantity that fill, so that get used to coming spring gradually free from worry, rise the seasonal characteristic of hair.

Nutrient expert reminds say, the food during Great Cold is entered fill except outside holding to general principle, should emphasize quantity of heat supplying enough, food is given priority to with the food of tepid sex, commonly used filling gas food has lotus seed, big jujube, polished glutinous rice, chicken to wait, the food that enrich the blood has flesh of pork liver, longan to wait, the food of filling shade has meat of agaric, sesame seed, rabbit, duck flesh to wait, the food of filling this world has hotpot, pork, venison to wait.

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