Do not digest the world of cate of delicious yangtao _

Do not digest delicious yangtao

2013-11-09 12:59:40

Guide language: Yangtao element has ” super fruit ” say, however very few somebody knows, it also has certain protective effect to digestion. The United States ” had eaten ” the magazine is newest carry civil, summary goes out ” the intention of 4 kinds of health care that yangtao offset changes a system ” .

Stimulative protein is digested. Protein indigestible meeting brings about large intestine endotoxin gathers, bring about bilge a variety of problems such as gas, fart and halitosis. Research confirms, yangtao conduces to a variety of common protein such as digestive milk protein and beef albumen.

Alleviate constipation. The United States ” disease of world stomach bowel learns a magazine ” publish college of medicine of Hong Kong university discovery of a new research, successive 4 weeks eat two yangtao to be able to make the disease of chronic constipation patient of 54% alleviates apparently everyday, alvine path peristalsis is accelerated. The reason depends on, the prandial fiber in yangtao, albumen is enzymatic wait to conduce to alleviate constipation.

Do not digest delicious yangtao

Improve bowel to stimulate function of patient bowel line easily. The typical symptom that bellyacke, diarrhoea, constipation reachs diarrhoea constipation to wait alternately is alvine Yi Ji. Have research discovery, after 41 bowel stimulate a patient easily to eat 4 weeks of yangtao continuously, they are weekly defecate number increases apparently, the illness gets ameliorative.

Protective bowel way is good bacterium. The prandial fiber in yangtao can promote alvine path beneficial to give birth to bacterium to grow, among them phenolic kind of material but path of bowel of effective keep within limits is undesirable bacterial breed, raise beneficial to lay bacterium level significantly.

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