7 kinds of food teach cate of _ of the dry cough after you treat the Beginning of Autumn the world

7 kinds of food teach the dry cough after you treat the Beginning of Autumn

2016-09-19 17:31:24

After the Beginning of Autumn passes, weather becomes dry rise. The person with a bit young constitution may not get used to this kind of environment of the autumn, voice appeared the symptom of dry cough, be about to notice moisten the respiratory tract of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood at that time. Below small make up teach you method of 7 kinds of dietotherapy, the hope can alleviate the unwell feeling of voice:

 1, ginger tea

 Ginger is abluent cut 10, tea 7 grams, boil juice drink to take in all. But sudoriferous induce sweat, lukewarm lung stops thirsty, have curative effect quite to grippe, cough. A day can.

 2, cane juice congee

 Fresh sugar cane 500 grams, flay extracts juice to reserve, take rice 50 grams, the add after boiling congee enters cane juice 60 milliliter, boil of reoccupy slow fire one, smooth can edible.

 3, honey turnip juice

 Bailuo predicts 400 grams, abluent flay is mincing, include juice of good crush out with clean gauze, take 60 milliliter to add honey spoonful every time, smooth swallow, a day 3, take 3-5 day repeatedly. Just be opposite originally constipation person curative effect is much better.

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