Chu Qiu raises lienal small subtle move, the world of cate of these a few more effective _

Chu Qiu raises lienal small subtle move, these a few are more effective

2017-08-31 15:54:54

Chuqiu season, preserve one’s health is very important, but a lot of raise lienal person not to understand this how to be raised lienal, recommend a few Chu Qiu to raise lienal small subtle move to everybody today, the young associate of preserve one’s health looks together!

Turn a stomach

Press with two tactics at two flank ministry, exert oneself to do sth. with the palm to central elbow, make the protruding before abdomen, loosen next, make celiac wall spring back, restorable it is 1 times, push 20 times in all, a day, this law has better sanitarian effect to the organ such as liver, lienal, kidney.

Move toe

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, each toe of human body is interlinked with internal organs of the body, lung, large intestine belongs to gold, correspondence big toe; Lienal, stomach belongs to earth, corresponding 2 foot; Heart, small intestine belongs to fire, corresponding sanderling; Liver, bravery belongs to wood, corresponding 4 foot; Kidney, bladder belongs to water, corresponding 5 foot. Taste weakling often mobile toe, can make balance of hematic unobstructed, yin and yang, Fu Zhengqu evil is enraged inside body. If special attention is right the health care of 2 foot, with respect to the effect that can have taste of take good care of sb. Significant action includes, seize the ground with toe, catch sole, catch 5 minutes or so, two feet can undertake respectively, also can undertake at the same time, a day of 2 ~ 3. Perhaps press hold toe, best control is in time 15 minutes or so, before sleeping, undertake convenience most.

Knock at tine pharynx ferry

Morning at first knocks at joint of bones (hind) age 36 times, second knock at the door (before) age 36 times, again wrong tooth knocks at canine 36 times each, lick tine week with the tongue finally 3 ~ 5. When the end, reoccupy tongue churns oral cavity, arouse the get down after oral cavity body fluid, knock at tine early, mediumly, late each, do more much better. This movement has nourishing taste, solid to protect the effect that kidney enrages.

Brush pectoral abdomen

Double palm the five fingers is apart, put lower part of advanced breast milk relatively, push to both sides along cent of coerce costal region forcibly a bit next brush, go there and back to arrive from the bosom up and down umbilical until is alvine, in order to give out heat advisable. This law but dredge liver classics, lienal classics, can be good at lienal raise liver.

Rub Wan abdomen

It is a center with hilum, circle with towards the left of right hand palm rub 21, circle right with left hand palm again rub 21; Both hands folds a palm, it is the centre of a circle with hilum, arrive to make a circle greatly as a child first rub celiac movement 72 hind, again from arrive greatly small rub move 72 rounds return. Rub the abdomen can promote taste carry to change a function, have recuperation taste, amiable blood, foster filling spirit yuan effect.

Brush the pubic region

Put two tactics strike with the palm of the hand below hilum respectively alvine central place, make fluctuation chafe 30 times at the same time, it is with feeling calorific gradually degree; Additional, also can press left hand control scrotum (female by perineal) , rotate the right hand again attrition the pubic region 30 ~ 100, valuable assistant changeover. This law is divided have be good at lienal strong outside the effect of kidney, still can enhance disease of the gastric bowel function, path that treat bowel.

Autumn is raised lienal it eat what food is good to eat what food


A lot of people in long summer meet ” suffer from excessive internal heat ” : Dry of buccal dry tongue, pharynx does larynx painful, constipation, basis ” the person that heat up is cold ” the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is academic, suit to try banana most. Sex of banana flavour pleasant is cold, but bowel of distinct hot benefit, stimulative intestines and stomach wriggles.


Orange sex is cool, flavour pleasant is acerbity, have promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty, appetizing the effect of filling gas. Orange eats after the meal or drink orange juice to be able to stop thirsty, solution is fat. Orange skin also has be good at lienal effect, if inappetence, can boil water with orange peel, summary belt is acrid, can help stomachic, alleviate taste is unwell.


First millet is food crops, the gender is lukewarm, have be good at lienal the effect with the stomach. Millet congee has filling energy of life be good at lienal, disappear accumulating stops the action of have diarrhoea, because of,can recuperate of lienal empty be caused by long have diarrhoea, indigestion and indigestion feed the disease such as bellyacke. The lubricious ammonia that millet congee place contains is acerbity, conduce to alleviate insomnia and slow be agitated mood.


Grow summerly season, a lot of people cannot help ” stick autumn fat ” , begin to eat the meat in great quantities, taste weakling cannot digest overmuch flesh kind meet ” indigestion feed ” . The protein that contains in pineapple is enzymatic the protein in can decomposing food effectively, can promote digest. “Stick autumn fat ” hind the can appetizing help that arrange gas digests pineapple taking a place, mex makes pineapple wine, have appetizing change the intention that feed.


Pumpkin has maize alimental characteristic not only, what what its contain is pectic and OK protective stomach mucous membrane, let its avoid suffer coarse alimental stimulation, the heal of stimulative ulcer, unwell of very appropriate taste person edible. And pumpkin is contained can promote biliary excretive composition, can strengthen the peristalsis of gastric bowel, help food is digested absorb.

Day lily

Want to cast off dazed head to go up, let attention concentration, can eat day lily, it says again ” tawny day-lily ” , ” grass forgetting worry ” , its sex pleasant is cool, benefit of heat having Qing Dynasty is wet the action that calm the nerves. It contains rich lecithin, can enhance brain function, the prandial fiber that its contain a lot ofcan promote peristalsis of gastric bowel path, eliminate abdominal distension symptom.

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