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Make the original part of staple food tomato patch

2016-11-10 16:33:36

All the time since people stays at mostly to the impression of potato ” amylaceous content is high, bring about easily fat ” impression. Make the original part of staple food tomato patch.

Data shows: Carbohydrate is contained in the 100 potato that overcome delicacy 17.2 grams, 100 grams contain carbohydrate in evaporate rice 25.9 grams, carbohydrate is contained in 100 grams steamed bread 47 grams… actually, some carbohydrate are contained to wait for food under the rice of daily edible, steamed bread, biscuit in potato. Measure by same starch for, 1 jin does rice, be equivalent to 4 jins of potato about; 1 jin cooks good rice, be equivalent to beans of 1.5 jins of mellow soil about.


Potato mud

In addition, the vitamin in potato and mineral the accord that also obtains nutrient expert reputably. Nutrition of institute of food of Chinese agriculture college and Fan Zhigong of associate professor of food safety department express in its rich guest: “All sorts of potato kind the vitamin C that contains commissariat to be done not have when middling pressure root not only, more a variety of B that in containing a lot ofrice, are not worth a group of things with common features vitamin. E.g. , the can of vitamin C content in potato and tomato photograph are rivalled, and because have amylaceous protection, the cook loss of vitamin C is smaller also. The cook loss of vitamin C is smaller also..

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