Although advantage eats more,eat garlic too much also hurt the world of liver _ cate

Although advantage eats more,eat garlic too much also hurt liver

2016-11-25 13:11:49

Although garlic has a lot of profit, unfavorable also and long-term many edible, otherwise the likelihood is toxic. Eat garlic too much also hurt liver.

Concerned medicine expert had a test: Make garlic pound bright mashed garlic, eat the bright mashed garlic of different dosage to bandicoot next, liver function index waits in transaminase of different timing serum, bilirubin, the pathology that undertakes in 28 climate liver is organized anatomizes research. The result makes clear, take every kilograms of weight everyday the big mashed garlic of 0.5 grams, cause the liver loss of an animal possibly.

The dosage of safety of bright garlic mud with this affirmatory experiment is 0.25 grams / kilogram / day, the dosage of safe garlic mud that loses synthetic person is 12.5 grams / day (for the person that is 50 kilograms to weight) . Accordingly, we eat garlic raw to had better not exceed 12.5 grams everyday at ordinary times, namely two 3 valve, cause liver function loss possibly otherwise.

Sweet clew: Vinegar can alleviate on certain level garlic is toxic, so, some of vinegar had better be added when eating mashed garlic or salt, have relieve internal heat or fever, in order to reduce the possibility with toxic garlic.

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