Cold and dressed with sause can put the world of these cate of _ of the dish that fight bacterium

Cold and dressed with sause can put these food that fight bacterium

2017-03-31 17:01:26

Can vegetable of cold and dressed with sause take? Nutrient division suggests: People can add some of dish that fight bacterium more when dish of the cold and dressed with sause that make.

The general course that fight bacterium is garlic, onion, leek, green Chinese onion wait, these contain rich wide chart alexin in the plant, have to virus of all sorts of coccus, bacili, fungus exterminate and inhibition. Especially garlic and onion, if the feeling follows person communication by day, unripe feed garlic and onion to have bad taste, optional choose eats in the home in the evening, also can impose the tone burden such as some of vinegar and mustard more.

Agaric of dried bean milk cream in tight rolls mixes packet of dish

Onion tastes also is to have cultured, eat raw in vain violet ripe eat. Onion has two kinds of color commonly, one is white, another is purple. The onion of these two kinds of color is eating also is distinguishing on the law. When if want,be being eaten raw, we choose white, because white onion within contains a vitamin,C is mixed carotene is particularly much. Taste the feeling has a bit sweet, suit to make salad of cold and dressed with sause together with other vegetable very much.

You should say to be being fried eat, the likelihood is about to use violet, violet a little a bit hot, so we are being fried it is a bit better to eat a likelihood to be met, but violet within protein content is higher, mineral content is higher also, and they also are not afraid of high temperature.

If want to develop onion the action of natural antiseptic, best effect is to be born to eat, the effect is the biggest. It is OK also that ripe move eats, action loses possibly a little a bit, but OK still also.

Food of cold and dressed with sause is made in the home, must choose fresh vegetable, when making, also must rinse clean, especially a variety of Chinese cabbage, leek these rootstock are vegetable, root ministry gets the pollution of pesticide, helminth and bacterium easily, had better rinse for many times with running water, perhaps clean agent and ozone machine with special fruit vegetables. Lettuce, violet wild cabbage, general we are born directly feed, the proposal uses hot water scald, water is measured as far as possible much dot, the time of scald does not exceed a minute, the vitamin in such dish won’t be many prediction of a person’s luck in a given year.

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