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Xylose alcohol eats much also can let your get fat!

2017-04-28 14:12:48

Xylose mellow chewing gum can avoid the effect such as tooth of eat by moth of dental caries, rehabilitate not only, and low candy low heat, the person that suit to reduce weight very much and diabetic person wait for edible. But we should notice to eat much it is meeting harm likewise intestines and stomach and gain flesh.

A lot of people like to chew chewing gum, especially faddish xylose is mellow in recent years chewing gum, be regarded as healthy candy by many people, have not only prevent the effect such as tooth of eat by moth of dental caries, rehabilitate, and low candy low heat, the person that reduce weight aptly and diabetic person wait for edible, because this is wide welcome. Concerned expert reminds, xylose mellow chewing gum is wholesome to oral cavity really have a lot of profit with health care, but its are helped without essence to tooth of eat by moth, and the side-effect of excessive edible nots allow to ignore, not only hurt intestines and stomach easily, bring about abdomen unwell with diarrhoea, send possibly still fat with elevatory blood fat.

Xylose alcohol divides desorption not easily to receive excessive to hurt intestines and stomach and diarrhoea easily

Xylose alcohol regards sweet taste of a kind of natural plant as the agent, have fair nutrient value, also be metabolization of human body saccharide is normal intermediate body, but had absorbed intestines and stomach of much easy however injury. Introduce according to sanitarian expert, xylose mellow itself slants cool, not easy by the stomach in enzymatic decompose, general meeting enters alvine talk directly, and xylose alcohol also is less than in the absorptivity inside alvine path 20% , be in easily alvine wall is accumulated, because this excessive absorbs xylose alcohol, can cause stimulation and harm to intestines and stomach, cause abdomen very easily unwell, bilge gas, bowel cries and the disease such as diarrhoea suffers from.

In Euramerican country, contain the provision of xylose alcohol, can make clear on label ” excessive is absorbed may bring about diarrhoea ” such consumptive clew. But the food that sells in home market, include xylose mellow chewing gum to wait, make corresponding caution on outer packing rarely however, a lot of consumer are right this none know the inside story, when accordingly many people are eating xylose mellow chewing gum, masticatory frequency and time are done not have abstemious, from morning till night chewing gum does not leave an opening, in imperceptible in cause harm to oneself health.

Xylose alcohol although low excessive of quantity of heat can be sent likewise fat with elevatory blood fat

Xylose alcohol is mixed from appearance taste with sucrose very picture, but have the distinct advantage with low quantity of heat however. Alcohol of every gram xylose contains the quantity of heat of 2.4 kilocalorie only, less than other carbohydrate 40% the left and right sides, and after entering human body, only the part can be absorbed use. Because this is not little the businessman is big to this make an issue of, a lot of consumer also think accordingly take the xylose alcohol such as xylose mellow chewing gum kind food won’t gain flesh, also won’t make blood sugar value elevatory, even conduce control is diabetic. But actually, alcohol of excessive edible xylose can be sent likewise fat with elevatory blood fat, harmful to human body health profitless.

The expert points out, xylose alcohol and cane sugar are same, it is the carbohydrate that comprises by the element such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, inside human body oxidation hind can release a heat energy likewise, because this feeds same meeting more,bring about fat.

In the meantime, xylose alcohol is in metabolization is initiative, the likelihood does not need insulin to attend, but in metabolization later period, promote with respect to what need insulin, because this is diabetic although the person can do dressing with xylose alcohol, but unfavorable feed more, cause the person of hypoglycemia by insulin especially, should ban more eat. In addition, xylose mellow overfeeding, the triglyceride that still can make blood medium is elevatory, cause sclerosis of appearance of coronary artery congee, hypertensive patient is so unfavorable also feed more.

The number that notices to control xylose alcohol to absorb gross to chew chewing gum and time have exquisite

So, alcohol of a few xylose does the person take one day is chewing gum more appropriate? The expert expresses, at present our country still does not have rigid standard to the intake of xylose alcohol, but in light of the constitution with the Chinese, a day of upper limit that absorbs xylose alcohol is unfavorable more than 50 grams.

Notable is, food of and so on of fruit of extensive consist in, vegetable, corn, dawdle mixes xylose alcohol in the plant such as core of straw, corn, be regarded as sweet taste agent, nutrition agent and drug are in the industry such as chemical industry, food, medicine wide application, besides chewing gum, for instance medicaments of ice cream, chocolate, yoghurt, coffee, healthy drink, wet one’s whistle is waited a moment often also use xylose alcohol to replace sugar, because this individual is controlling the foundation that absorbs gross everyday strictly to go up, control the amount of chewing gum.

Expert proposal individual masters very masticatory frequency and masticatory time when eating xylose mellow chewing gum. Had better not exceed 5 everyday, normally appropriate is in mix after the meal every time after taking sock, chew, can achieve the favorable result that prevents caries. In the meantime, the time that chews every time is unfavorable more than 15 minutes, the person that have stomach trouble is more unfavorable and overmuch chew chewing gum.

Because chew for long chewing gum, not only can let facial ministry ” masticatory flesh ” be in nervous condition from beginning to end, still can reflex sexual ground to secrete a large number of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, cause harm easily to gastric ministry. Fall in hollow condition especially, may appear not only the harmful response such as the disgusting, giddy, water that return sick at heart, return may aggravating stomach trouble, cause the disease such as gastritis and gastric ulcer.

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