Help hepatic detoxify take the world of cate of _ of 5 kinds of food

Help hepatic detoxify eat 5 kinds of food

2017-06-27 17:50:34

Liver is the organ discharging poison with the largest human body, healthy liver can avoid the trouble such as belch, abdominal distension, constipation, also rising to adjust at the same time the main effect of blood sugar.

Vegetable of the mustard family

Contain compound of all sorts of plant nutriment, yellow ketone, kind element of sulfur of carotene, turnip and indole, liver of can integrated help dissolves of all kinds and chemical toxin and carcinogenic substance. Vegetable of common the mustard family has cauliflower, cabbage, Chinese cabbage and Bai Luobo.

Sea alga

The sea alga such as kelp, laver can help hepatic detoxify, prevent human body to absorb the toxin of environment of etc of poisonous heavy metal such as cadmium. University of Er of Canadian wheat auspicious considers to discover, the compound that brown alga place contains can reduce the skeleton absorption to radioactivity particle.

Bud dish

Bean sprouts dish is contained a lot ofall sorts of enzymatic, the cent desorption that can promote protein closes.

Contain a lot ofthe food of sulfide

The onion, garlic, green vegetable that contains a lot ofsulfide, can promote liver to produce peptide of cereal Guang pleasant, the freedom in counteracting a cell base, remove detoxify to fight anile action.


The bacca such as La Mei, strawberry contains a lot ofphytochemistry material to be like cyanine element, much phenol to wait, have powerful effect to fight oxidation, can help liver protect human body cell to dismiss the charge that gets freedom radical and oxidation to should stimulate response.

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